Sheridan has been a labour and delivery nurse at Royal Columbian Hospital for the past 6 years. It is her job to help welcome newborns into the world, as well as work together with families to ensure they are ready to take their new baby home. She provides support to mothers during their labours, monitors mother and baby’s medical needs, and aides parents with learning new skills such as breastfeeding and bottle feeding. She is well accustomed to working with low risk labouring mothers as well as those with high risk pregnancies and deliveries. She loves helping women in their journey to parenthood. For Sheridan, it is an absolute privilege to be able to be part of so many birth-days!

Sheridan Pavich

Sheridan also is a mother to a 1.5 year old little girl. Going through pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood herself has given her even an greater perspective on what expectant mothers want to know in order to feel prepared for their own baby. Ready Set Baby prenatal classes were born out of Sheridan’s love of teaching new parents and wanting to help women feel empowered going into their labour. She is excited to share her knowledge with others and help moms and their partners feel educated and ready for their new baby. 

Ready Set Baby prenatal classes are designed to educate mothers and their partners on what to expect in their 3rd trimester, the labour process, as well as the first few weeks at home. Sheridan believes that knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more prepared you will feel. Prenatal classes offer answers to many common questions parents have, as well as answers to questions that may arise once baby is  here. It is important to Sheridan that women feel satisfied with their birth story, and are informed in their expectations about birth and parenthood. These classes also aim to ensure that the partner or support person feels involved in the process, and understand that they too have a role in the birth experience. Having a baby is such a joyous time, but it also can be overwhelming. This class hopes to make the transition into parenthood just a little bit easier. 

If you are expecting a baby, Sheridan would love the opportunity to help you be informed, empowered, and ready for your baby!