2018’s Top Strollers Are Here….

2018 has become the year for stroller debuts and we’re not just talking one or two, it’s actually plain overwhelming! If you’re in the market for a new stroller, or just trying to convince a certain someone that you need another stroller, then keep on reading because we’ve put together a review of this years latest and greatest strollers. From compact travel lightweights to single strollers that transform into doubles there’s something new from pretty much all of the most popular brands.

If you’re a world travel or space is not on your side, then the all new Zigi by Mima! It’s the perfect answer for making compact look stylish! It’s most impressive feature is the incredible fold, which can be done one handed and is small enough to fit in an overhead compartment.

Need a travel system? No problem, simply remove the back and attach the car seat adapters and you’re on your way! It also features an extendable canopy and creates the perfect place for a nap with 3 different recline positions. Some great accessories that can be purchased separately including a convenient travel bag, fitted bug net and matching changing bag. Visit our website for more information

If compact doesn’t meet your needs and you’re more of an outdoors person or runner then the all new Thule Urban Glide 2 will definitely spark an interest. We love this stroller for many reasons including it’s moderate price point, incredible limited lifetime warranty and ability to go from the neighbourhood to the trails, and even a jog! It now features a new hand brake and all black frame option. It’s also compatible with a wide selection of infant car seats and is available in a side by side double version.
Click here to learn more…

Speaking of double strollers… If tandem is your preference, then the new 2018 UPPAbaby Vista is probably on your wish list! This ever-popular stroller has yet again gone in for a makeover and the ending result is some gorgeous new colours and leather accents. They have also made a few changes to the bassinet which makes it a little bit longer in length and a more tailored look to the canopy. The Vista has continued to be one of the top selling strollers on the market and we’re sure that these new changes will bring it one step further this year. In saying that, the stroller market does need to also make room for a new competitor.

View the entire UPPAbaby Collection at baby enRoute!

Have you ever heard of the top-notch car seat manufacturer Diono? Well they’ve decided to expand their product line this year and we’re in love! They’re very first stroller has just hit the market and the Quantum is a real game changer in the single stroller category. This multi mode stroller allows you to easily switch between pram and toddler seat with just a few buckles and its frame has a unique one push brake system with easy fold mechanism. The seat is larger then most strollers making it perfect for older children and the extendable canopy is quite large allowing your little one to stay protected from the sun or more privacy when resting. Learn more about the unique Quantum features here…

Diono isn’t the only ones with a new addition to the stroller lineup, our friends at Bugaboo have also been busy working on something and we asked our staff to give us 3 words to sum up this beauty and they said: urban, all terrain, hybrid! The new Bugaboo Fox is the perfect answer to someone who likes to get outside in all types of weather but not wanting to drag around a heavy and bulky stroller. With a newly designed pram, and stunning new colours, this new addition is sure to please anyone who is looking for a sophisticated and top quality stroller. Visit our website to learn more about the Bugaboo Fox


Car Seat Safety Tips

I’m a proud mother of two children, aged 5 and 10 who grew up in the 80’s and I’m sure that like most of you, talking about car seats with my 65+ parents can be an interesting discussion. Anytime I dare to mention anything to do with car seats, my parents immediately say “When you were a kid you sat in the back window waving to the people behind us!”

The first thing that comes to my head is “how am I alive?” Then the second thought is “if it was only that easy! I quickly remind them that back then cars were made of metal, people didn’t speed over 130 km/h, and they paid attention at the wheel. I think its safe to say that you’re probably nodding your head in agreement.

Raising children in 2016 is nothing like it was back then! We now live in a world that is always in a rush to be somewhere 2 seconds faster then everyone else. We also have to worry about things like distracted driving and road rage, all while hoping that we have done the best we can to keep our little ones safe.

As we celebrate National Car Seat Safety Week, we though it would be the perfect opportunity to share a couple car seat safety tips with you.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Having a baby can be the most exciting yet stressful time in your life. In most cases, the very first piece of baby equipment you will use is their car seat! Some parents may find themselves having a harder time figuring out how to put baby in it, then you did going through the birth process!!! When it comes to car seat safety we don’t have to be left in the dark. There are so many places and group and out there that you can reach out to for help. For instance, at baby enRoute we have fully trained car seat technicians that are always available in store or over the phone to help answer your questions. There are also many different car seat safety blogs, and Facebook groups that you can reach out to via the web. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions when it comes to car seat installation or proper use.

Knowledge is understanding.

Once you have purchased a car seat, it is imperative that you thoroughly read through the manual that is provided. Just like children, no car seat is the same. Every seat has different stipulations and criteria that must be followed to make sure that the seat will do it’s job correctly. It’s a safe bet to say that you will have an entire line up of awesome friends and family that will be ready and willing to spread their parental expertise with you when it comes to car seats however, educating yourself is the best way to fully understand. Every car seat comes with a manual and it is strongly recommended that you sit down and read it from front to back before even attempting to install or use your car seat. If you are still unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer for clarification. Never forget that the child’s safety is in your hands.

Slow down and take your time.

I know first hand that life can be super busy and we are always in a rush to be somewhere but please, if there is one thing that you learn, slow down and take your time when fastening your child into their car seat. A car seat is designed to keep the child safe and secure in the event of a collision. As we all know, an accident can happen anywhere at anytime, so making sure that the child is properly fastened in their seat could possibly save their life!!!

Never stop learning!

It seems that just as quick as they grow out of their cloths, they grow out of their car seat! Yes you heard that right, you will most likely end up buying more then one or two car seats through the first 10 years of their life. In Canada we have 3 different types of car seats that are designed for various ages and stages. Infant car seats are one of those awesome inventions that were designed to make life easier. They are built with a detachable base that is installed in the vehicle so that the child can stay in the car seat while on the move. Before you blink, it will be time to toss that one and purchase a convertible car seat. This type of car seat will allow the child to remain rear facing (until 2 years old) and then turn around to forward facing until they are a minimum of 4 years old. A booster seat will be your last and final car seat purchase, which will be used until the child is 8-10 years old! Take a deep breath, because now that you have spent all that money it’s time to start saving for college lol

All of this information may seem like a lot to take in however, this is only the beginning. Just like parenting, there is always so much to learn and understand. If you start with these tips, you should be well on your way to ensuring that your child is safe while on the road.

Now for the fun part!!!

Since you made it all the way through the blog, we thought we would reward you with a chance to test your new found knowledge. Simply click on the link below and answer the 4 multiple choice questions to be automatically entered in a draw to win a Radian R120 Car Seat from our friends at Diono!

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Peg-Pérego New at baby enRoute!

baby enRoute has recently added a new collection to our store, Peg-Pérego! The Italian-based company is the newest edition to our strollers, car seats, highchairs and accessories.
Since 1949, Peg-Pérego has been designing carriages, car seats and high chairs. Every step in the process, is performed by Peg-Pérego ensuring each customer receives the utmost quality of each product.

baby enRoute is a strong believer in bringing customers high-end products, that we believe in, Peg-Pérego is one of those companies. Priding themselves on safety, product longevity and quality.
As mentioned above we will be carrying many of their different products, including car seats! We will have two different car seats, the Peg-Pérego 4-35 Infant car seat, and the Peg-Pérego 5-65 Convertible Car seat.
The Peg-Pérego 4-35 Infant Seat is suitable from 4 to 35lbs and 32″ tall. The seat weighs 9.5lbs and the base weighs 7.4lbs, making it a lightweight car seat that can be used for a longer weight range than most car seats. Installation is a breeze, with it’s easy to use LATCH system and “Right Tight System” ensuring a tight and properly angled installation. The infant seat comes in a variety of different colours, including limited edition models.

Next up is the Peg-Pérego 5-65 Convertible Car Seat, this seat is suitable from 5 to 45lbs rear-facing and 22-65lbs forward facing. The height limit for the 5-65 is keeping the child’s head at least 1″ below the headrest edge. The 5-65 allows you to keep your child rear-facing longer, for a safer car ride.

5-65 4-35

baby enRoute also carries the limited edition Peg-Pérego 4-35 & 5-65 Alcantara fabric.

This sleek fabric is used in high end sports cars, looks and feels just like suede but is made up of a blend of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. A breathable, soft, lightweight material that you’re sure to fall in love with. Not only for it’s comfort but knowing your baby will be happy in short or long car rides!


We’ll also be carrying a wide range of Peg-Pérego strollers, including the Book Pop-Up. One of Peg-Pérego’s most sought after strollers, the Book Pop-Up is exactly what a new parent needs! The stroller features a collapsible bassinet, reversible seat, travel system compatible and a one handed fold to name a few.
The stroller itself weighs a mere 23.8 lbs and the bassinet comes in at 9 lbs. The strollers is not only lightweight but functional, allowing you to use it from infant, to toddler (up to 50lbs).
The Book Pop-Up has any easy one hand fold and open, which you can do with the seat on our off. Once folded, a conveniently located handle allows for easy carry or allows you to pull the stroller behind you.  It is a no brainer that the Book Pop-Up is the ideal stroller for any new parent.


Peg-Pérego isn’t only known for their car seats and strollers as many may think, they also have a wide variety of high chairs, boosters, and accessories. We LOVE the Siesta high chair and Rialto folding booster seat.
The Peg-Pérego Siesta high chair is the perfect high chair from start to finish. Perfect as a comfy recliner for your newborn, keeping them close even during family dinners, and the perfect high chair for you growing baby and toddler. The Siesta is the perfect chair for the city dweller, with it’s compact fold and sleek design. Equipped with a dishwasher safe tray liner, and easy to wipe fabric, cleaning the chair is a breeze. So whether it’s to keep your newborn close and comfy or making sure your toddler is sitting around the table with the rest of the family, this chair is perfect for any family.


Lastly we wanted to feature the Rialto. This portable, folding, booster chair is perfect for on the go family’s, or to throw in your diaper bag to bring the grandma and grandmas. The compact booster folds conveniently into the included canvas bag, allowing for easy transport. The chair itself weighs a mere 6 lbs and has a weight limit of 45 lbs. The Rialto comes with a removable tray allowing you to have baby sit right up at the table, or allowing space for his own tray, which is also dishwasher safe. A three point safety harness keeps your mind at ease when placing baby in the booster, and 5 different height positions puts baby at the height you want them. The Rialto has easy wipe down materials, which means cleaning is done in minutes.
This is the perfect chair to close out our Peg-Pérego blog, sleek, compact, portable and easy to use.


I was able to feature some great Peg-Pérego products in this blog, but we have much more in store and online. Be sure to check them out! Peg-Pérego is a reputable company that baby enRoute is ecstatic to carry! We can’t wait to answer all your questions about Peg-Pérego, and show you the latests and greatest!



The Importance of Sleep

Baby sleeping in crib

Did you know one of the most important items you buy for your new bundle of joy is their crib mattress? It doesn’t seem like such an importance when you seem to be taking them out of their crib 10+ times in the middle of the night, but I promise you it is!

Why is the crib mattress you choose so important? Think about it this way, when you’re buying a crib mattress that is treated with chemicals, is not certified organic, or even too soft, you’re risking your little ones health.  When your mattress isn’t certified organic it usually means the materials inside are harsh plastics, metals or synthetic fibers. That also falls into chemically treated mattress’. As great as it may seem that your mattress is flame retardant or waterproof, the reason they are is because they’ve been treated with chemicals, these chemicals could have a toxic off gas that can last for a year after removal from the packaging. Making your mattress a now harmful place for you baby to sleep.
As for the malleability of the mattress, you want something that is firm. When purchasing a mattress, you may notice some mattress’ come double sided. A soft side for newborns and a firm side for toddlers. Why? A soft mattress can conform to the shape of the baby’s head or face creating a much larger risk for suffocation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

So what do you need to know when looking for the perfect mattress? You’ll want to do your research, find a store that is knowledgeable (like us!), go in and look at the mattress selection. You’ll be able to feel the mattress’ and learn exactly what goes into them.

baby enRoute recently started carrying Sleeptek organic mattress’. If you’re local to Ottawa these are an amazing choice. They’re made right here in Ottawa, can’t get much more local than that. The company has been producing all organic mattress’ since 1985, traveling the world to find the purest and raw materials available.  The mattress’ are made with the best quality certified organic cotton, certified organic wool and pure organic rubber.

There are two types of Sleeptek Crib Mattress’ and I thought we could go into a bit more detail for each one.

Sleeptek Infant Innerspring Crib Mattress

It starts with an organic cotton & wool quilted cover,  the layer of wool acts as a natural flame retardant.
Next up is the layers of Organic wool felt, this is used as the padding to the mattress.
Under that you have an Organic Cotton Canvas, the canvas is used as a barrier between the felt and coils.
The coils used next are 15 Gauge Bonnell Style Coils: 252 Coil Count, which have not been treated with any chemicals or oils. Coil construction manufactured in the USA, fully assembled in Ottawa.
The Innerspring Crib Mattress will work with any standard size crib, the mattress can sit on wood slats or grid lock coil construction base.
Caring for your mattress is pretty simple. You can rotate the mattress head to toe every 3 months for a longer lifespan. To protect your mattress, you can use a Sleeptek organic wool moisture pad, to wick up moisture. The cover is not designed to be removed, spot cleaning is best using a non-toxic spot clean solution or a mild dish detergent, when using this method do not soak the mattress, use little water to simple create enough moisture to lift the stain. If after prolonged use there is any sort of odor, place the mattress in direct sunlight for aeration.

Sleeptek Infant Organic Rubber Crib Mattress

The Organic Rubber Crib Mattress is made with 100% 4″ Firm Organic Rubber, surrounder by organic wool and cotton. The Mattress is covered with 8 oz of 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S) Certified Organic Cotton Quilted Cover.
Within it are layers of organic wool that acts as a natural flame retardant and is antimicrobial. The benefits of organic rubber are great, they are extremely durable, flexible, resilient and are a completely natural antibacterial, hypoallergenic and mold and dust mite free.
Use of the Organic Rubber mattress is slightly different, it has to be used on a slatted or solid base, it is not compatible with a metal base. It is recommended that you use the Sleeptek Organic Wool Moisture Pad to wick away moisture.
If staining does occur, you may spot clean using a non-toxic spot clean solution or a mild dish detergent. Do not place the Organic Rubber mattress in direct sunlight as it will cause the rubber to degrade.


For the duration of April, every Sleeptek Mattress purchase will come with a free Sleeptek Organic Wool Moisture Pad (Value:$119.99).



The Baby Show Ottawa + Giveaway!


The Baby Show, is heading to Ottawa this month, and baby enRoute is proud to be a sponsor!

For those of you who don’t know, The Baby Show is an interactive weekend event where you can Learn, Experience, Sample, Purchase and Be Pampered. Over 100 exhibitors will be displaying, demoing, teaching, sampling, and selling.
Anna Belanger & Associates will be offering complimentary massages, whether you’re carrying your baby in your belly or in your arms, you deserve it!
The Simply Chiropractic Health & Wellness Mat is the place to be. Learn about infant massage and how to meditate or take part in a prenatal yoga class and much more.
Do you have questions about cloth diapering, car seats, First Aid or even salsa with your baby? No problem! Guest Speakers and Special Guests will be there to answer all your questions about pregnancy, becoming a new parent, and raising your baby.


Plus baby enRoute will have a booth set up featuring our top selling products, with our brand representatives answering your questions and demoing their great products.
Andrei from Nuna will be there talking all things Pipa and their newest stroller on the Canadian market the Mixx.
Karine B. from Bugaboo will be answering all your questions about one of the stores hottest strollers, telling you why Bugaboo has such a large cult following.
Karine L. will be next to our booth, talking all things Stokke! Learn about the products that will last a lifetime, literally.
Last is Mike from Mountain Buggy and Phil & Teds, let him tell you all about this New Zealand based brand, and how it can attribute to your sporty lifestyle!

On top of brand information we will have great products for purchase with EXCLUSIVE SHOW SPECIAL SAVINGS! Starting with $3.00 off your ticket when you buy online! Just use promo code TBS3 for your savings!

Oh, did I mention we’re doing 16 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS?! That’s right everyday from March 3rd to March 18th you can enter to win an amazing prize, with a total value of $6200! Each Day we will post a different prize on our Facebook page, with a brief description of the prize and on March 21st we will announce all the winners!


How can you win these amazing prizes? Well head on over to our Facebook Page and make sure you’re receiving our posts. Next, keep an eye out on March 3rd for our first big announcement!

From there you can follow 3 easy steps!
1) Like each new prize daily on Facebook
2) Share each new prize daily on Facebook
3) Enter via our Rafflecopter Widget down below

It’s as easy as that! You’re now in the running for one of these AMAZING prizes, did I mention it was a total prize value of $6200?!

*No purchase necessary, contest open to Canadian residents only.
*Winner is responsible for all shipping cost.
*Contest closes March 18th.

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